About Carla Bakes

Hi, I'm Carla, welcome to my online store!

I have lived with multiple food intolerances for almost twenty years, and I fully understand how difficult it can be to find inclusive food options that are delicious but safe to eat. It's my passion to create a range of yummy bakes suitable for anyone who needs to make dietary choices to support their health or well- being, and to debunk the myth that Free-From cannot be tasty and full of flavour, with textures you won't believe are being produced in a 100% Free-From kitchen!

Every product we sell is free from GlutenDairy, Eggs, Soya and Oats, as well as being completely Vegan and suitable for Coeliac's*.

(*The Carla Bakes' kitchen is 100% gluten-free and we regularly lab test our products to ensure that the gluten content falls within the safe legal limit of <20 ppm.)

Finally, I use the Monash University app data to create FODMAP Friendly recipes. Find details of which products are FODMAP Friendly in the 'Allergens' section of each product listing on my online store.

 Enjoy! Cx